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Edit Timesheet

Required User Level
6 - Financial

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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You can edit your time entry in Pimarc timesheet section. Level 6 and level 7 users can edit other users' timesheet.

To edit timesheet:

  1. In Time and Material Entry window, select the time entry you wish to change.

  2. Make the change and hit the modify button.

  3. If you want to send the time entry to another file because it has been assigned to the wrong file, then you hit the fix file button.

  4. Enter the file number you want the time entry to go to.

  5. Select the file you want from the search results. You get a confirmation of where the time is coming from and going to, then hit the fix file number button.

  6. If you want to delete the time entry, you simple click the delete button.

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