Recover Menu

Recover in flash.

This section allows the user to delete or recover any jobs, clients, other plans, or users that have been marked for deletion. Throughout the application, when you delete one of the above items, they are removed from view, however they are recoverable through this section.

In recover page, all the previously tagged jobs are displayed. Select the one you are going to delete or recover. It opens a delete or recover window that shows the information of the job you are going to delete or recover. You can click the restore button to restore it or click the delete button to delete it. If you want delete all the records instead of deleting an individual record, you can simple click the delete all tagged button.  This last option is only available at the administrative level.

To view the other sections that have items marked for deletion, you simply have to hit the clients, other plans, or users button to recover an item or permanently delete the items displayed. It is a good idea to go into this section on a regular basis to clean items out.

Access level limited in recover page:

  • Jobs recover/delete: Level 4 users or up.
  • Clients recover/delete: Level 5 users or up.
  • Other Plans recover/delete: Level 4 users or up.
  • Users recover/delete: Level 7 users.
  • Only Level 7 users have the delete all tagged buttons.

A sample of Pimarc Recover page is shown in below.