Timesheet Menu

Add Time

To Add Time:

  1. Date: Click the button to select the date, the default date is set to today.
  2. Hours: the total hours to divide to multiple jobs.
  3. Department: Click the drop down menu to select the department.
  4. Billing Code: Click the drop down menu to select the billing code.
  5. Filter Project: Project list filtering is done by entering the filter information and then pressing the filter button or the TAB key. File number, project name, and client name will be searched.
  6. Project List: Click the drop down list to select the project group.
  7. Select a Job: After you select the project group from the project list, in this box, it shows all the jobs under the project list you selected.
  8. Show Selected Jobs: Click the job in the project list, it will be moved to this box and removed from the select job box.
  9. Clear Selections: Clear the jobs those are in the selected jobs box.
  10. Materials Used: Disbursement values will be added to each of the selected lots. Individual entries will have to be edited to correct discrepancies.
  11. Notes: Write notes for the projects, it's copied to each project time entry.
  12. Add: Add the time and divide the total to each job that selected. Time for each project will be rounded up to the nearest 0.01 of an hour.
  13. Cancel: To cancel the entry and close the window.