Required User Level
7 - Administrator

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.


You can add user to Pimarc users section if you are level 7 users. See User Access Security.

To add user:

  1. Click the Add Users button in the users page.

  2. Fill in the user information; create the username, password and access level to the user.

  3. In Pimarc system, there are seven levels that administrator can sign to the user. See User Access Security.

  4. Assign the user to a department and enter a pay rate. These items are used in the numerous reports created by Pimarc.

  5. Click the add button to add the user to Pimarc. Once the user has been added, the user will be able to access to Pimarc and change his/her password and their personal information. See User Information .