Other Plans Menu

Other Plan Edit Window

Required User Level
4 - Edit/Delete

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.


You can edit the plan record and add as many legal descriptions for this record as you wish. Click the Modify button to save your change, or if you want to delete the plan, you can click the tag to delete button.

To add/edit legal description:

  1. Click the "add a legal description" button to open the add window.

  2. Fill in the legal description information.

  3. Click the browse button to add a scanned image of the survey plan to the legal description. You can click the view button to view the image to make sure your image is the right one.

  4. Click the add button to add the legal description. You can add as many legal descriptions as you wish.

  5. You can modify or delete the legal description by pressing the edit button in the description tab window.

A sample of Pimarc other plan edit window is shown in below.