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Required User Level
5 - Supervisor

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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This section is for adding additional contacts to the client. For example an engineer or architect that this particular customer works with normally, or a project manager within that customer's office, or even a payables clerk for that customer. If you have entered an email address for the contacts within a customer you can simply hit the email button beside the contact and it will start a new email message using your default email application. This section can view by every Pimarc user. The add button and edit button are only available for Level 5 users or up.

To change primary contact: Choose the primary contact you are going to change and click the check box. It will show a check mark on it. This function is only available for Level 5 users and up.

To add contact:

  1. Click the add button to open the "add contact" window.

  2. Fill in the contact information.

  3. Click the add button to add the new contact. You can add as many contacts as you wish.

To edit contact:

  1. Select the contact you want to edit and click the button beside it.

  2. Modify the contact information in the edit contact window.

  3. You can print out labels by clicking the print mailing label button.

  4. You can send contact to your rolodex by clicking add contact info to rolodex button.

  5. Click the modify button to update the contact info.

  6. Click the delete button to delete the contact; you are not able to delete the primary contact.

A sample of Pimarc conatcts tab window is shown in below.

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