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Client Tab View

Required User Level
1 - View

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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Every Pimarc user can view client details in the client tab. The invoices button and the client notes button are only showed in level 6 and level 7 users.

Special button functions:

  • Invoices button: If you click the invoice button, any invoices issued for this client are displayed. To view an invoice, you simply press the button beside the one you wish and the invoice is displayed from your accounting system if it is connected to Pimarc. This button is only for level 6 and level 7 users.

  • Client notes button: You can press the client notes button to add or edit confidential notes for this client. Once your notes are added, the client notes button displays in red. This button is only for level 6 and level 7 users.

  • Address copy box: In the full address box, it locates under the notes box, click the box to copy, then paste it to the clipboard.

A sample of Pimarc client tab view window is shown in below.

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