Welcome to PIMARC

Menu Overview

Required User Level
1 - View

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

This section provides a brief overview of the menus in Pimarc.

The Home menu shows news, scheduling, to do lists and personal contacts information.

The Jobs menu accesses all project information.

The Client menu accesses the client and client contact information

The Other Plans menu is for survey information the company has purchased from other surveyors.

The Printing menu allows user to print out file and mailing labels.

The UTM Search menu is for tracking all information related to survey control points.

The Assessment menu lists all municipal roll information available to the company.

The Message System allows staff to send and receive messages.

The Timesheet menu allows staff to add and edit hours spent on projects.

The RapidEdit menu is the fast way to add or edit jobs and other plans. This option is only available to access levels 4 and up.

The Recover menu allows for the recovery of job, client, other plan and user information that has been tagged for deletion. This section is also used for fully deleting tagged information.

The Codes menu accesses the data lists that are used by the program, municipalities, counties, billing types, job types, departments and more.

The Users & Settings menu allows you to add, view and edit user information, as well as set program settings. This menu only shows in Administrator level.

The Reports menu shows the existing reports for displaying information from the various database tables used by the program. The report list varies according to access level.

The Quotes menu shows the preliminary quotes page. The quotes page is only available to access levels 5 and up.

The Help button provides access to Pimarc help documentation.

The Logout menu enables user to logout Pimarc system.