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Add/Edit To Do Task

Required User Level
2 - View/Add

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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This feature is available to Level 2 users and up.

To add a to do task:

  1. Click the Add Entry button to open a new window.

  2. In the "add a new to do task" window, search the project by job number or client name.
  3. Select the project you want to add to the task.

  4. Select the start date, due date, department, billing code, and staffs you are signing to.

  5. You can write addiction notes in the blank box.

  6. Click insert button to add the task.

To edit a to do task:

  1. Click the edit button beside your target job number.

  2. You can edit the task in an "update a to do record" window.

  3. Click update button to update the task.

  4. You can delete the task by clicking delete button.

  5. If the task has completed, click the complete button and it shows the date completed.

To set priority:

   1.   Click the priority button.

   2.   Select the priority from 1 to 9 for the task. There are different color for different level of it.



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