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To Do List Page

Required User Level
2 - View/Add

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.

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The to do list page is available for Level 2 users and up. The to do's section allows a user to keep a list of items to be done and shows what projects he/she assigned to. The personal to do list can be edited at any time and the user can also click items as completed, It also keeps track of when the items have been added to the to do list.

The assigned to do list shows the project due date, the job number, process, staff, and assigned by. You are able to view the project by clicking the project number button. When you have completed the project, click the "Mark As Completed" button, and then the project is gone in your assigned to do list.

To add/edit a to do list:

  1. Click the first button in the to do list personal table; it opens a new window.

  2. Insert your task in the textbox in the new window; you also can select a due date by clicking the calendar button.

  3. Click the "Insert" button to add the to do list.

  4. Your new to do list shows in the to do list page.

  5. You can edit it by clicking the button beside the task.

  6. When you complete the task, click the done button, and then the button shows a check mark.

A sample of Pimarc to do list page is shown in below.

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