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Station Search

Required User Level
1 - View

The minimum user access level a user must have to use this feature of Pimarc.


All user levels are able to search UTM.

Three types of search:

  1. Station search: You can search the UTM database by station number or municipality code.

  2. Point & radius search: You can search the UTM database by selecting a northing and easting close to your project site. Then select a radius in kilometers around that coordinate. The database will return any monuments with northing and easting within the selected radius.

  3. Latitude & Longitude search: The last type of search within this database is a polygon search. The user selects the north and south latitude and the west and east longitude that would surround the project site. The database will return monuments with latitudes and longitudes within the parameters chosen.

In Use button: This button shows that the station is used by a project. You can view the detail of the project by pressing the "In Use" button.